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domenica 21 marzo 2010


Mekaneko©De Longis/Venusdea/Mc Productions.Photo by bflv

Mekaneko©De Longis/Venusdea/Mc Productions.Photo by Artoyz.

And at last I'm back on this blog, which was idle for a few months. But not so the label obviously, on the opposite! I just didn't have the time to write some posts, because work, signing tours and projects are so many and so intense for everybody that the blog has suffered a bit becuase of this. We made some (positive) changes with some vendors and we have better re-organized our staff and the label itself at their best. Soon you will find the products also on Diamond Preview in the United States and soon also on many topic-related magazines.
In a short time (it's a matter of days) the venusdea' website , where you can order all of our products directly, will be online.

Finalement de retour sur ce blog , qui est resté en stand by durant quelques mois!
Mais ce n'est pas le cas du label évidemment! Au contraire!
Le temps m'a fait défaut , travail , dédicaces projets , autant de choses intenses qui ont un peu fais souffrir ce blog. Nous avons effectués des changements (positifs) avec de nombreux distributeurs et donc ré-optimisés au mieux tout le staff autour du label.
Vous trouverez et vous pourrez acheter prochainement les ouvrages Venusdea sur Diamond Preview (pour les Etats Unis) et également sur différentes revues du secteur.

Dans très peu de temps , (quelques jours à peine) , le site venusdea verra finalement le jour et vous pourrez y commander directement tous les ouvrages.

©De Longis.Photo by bflv

Mekaneko©De Longis/Venusdea/Mc Productions.Photo by bflv

So, I will try to make posts closer in time, telling you about all the events that have taken place, with amazing photos, in the next weeks. Having said so, follow this blog more often, because from now on it will be updated on a weekly basis.

And , here above a small avant premiere (sneak preview) of a custom by Matteo De Longis with "Mekaneko" , for one of the many Expo Venusdea held this year.

Je chercherai en effet à faire des post plus fréquents , afin de vous mettre au courant concernant les différents évênements qui auront lieu , agrémentés de superbes photos , etc, dès les prochaines semaines...

©Ciou/Rencontres de la 9É Art

I start with telling you that in a few days, at the "Rencontres de la 9É Art".
The first Expo "solo" by Ciou connected to her work for the Venusdea "Chat Siamois" book, will be held.
I will be there, with Ciou and also the author of the story of "Chat Siamois", Guillaume Bianco. I am waiting for you all at the gallery!

Ciou exhibition & singning : 26th March at the Gallery Susini.
With the opening and the vernissage starting from
6:00 PM.
Here all the informations.

J'en profite pour vous signaler que dans quelques jours au "Rencontres de la Art" .
Et sera la premiere expo "solo" de Ciou autour de son livre pour Venusdea "Chat Siamois".
Je serai présente aux côtés de Ciou évidemment , ainsi que du co-auteur avec pour cette ouvrage,Guillaume Bianco.

Ciou expo & signature : Galerie Susini.
19 Cours Sextius - Aix en Provence ( France)
Durée de l'expo : 26 mars au 17 avril 2010.
le 26 Mars, 18h.
Ici tous les informations et dans la colonne du blog a gauche aussi.

Chat Siamois © Ciou/Venusdea/Mc Productions.Photo by Ciou

© Ciou.Photo by J.Lesur

I'd like to briefly introduce Ciou again,for those of you who don't know her already

Ciou hails from Paris, France.
Her work features the admittedly well worn standard of spooky girls and their animals consorts, however Ciou’s unapologetic punk style (reminiscent of teenage notebook scrawls dialed up to 11) breathes a new brash life into the theme. Her sweet and sour heavy metal nymphs live out their wild carnivalesque fairytales on found vintage papers, taken from old medical books, dictionaries, and nature manuals. Her line-work is by turns thickly layered like decadent rocker girl eyeliner and then meticulously thin and ornate like stitchwork. Ciou has exhibited in Paris, Amsterdam ,Brussels, Toulouse, Berlin, Los Angeles, Rome and Barcelona.
She also has about of her work entitled “Chat Siamos” for Venusdea Label.

© Ciou. Photo by Ciou

© Ciou. Photo by Roq la Rue

Ciou just finished her gorgeous Expo at the Gallery Roq la Rue with incredible success ! Most of her pieces of work have been sold. What else to add then? We're all happy..

Ciou vient de terminer sa magnifique expo à la galerie Roq la Rue, qui a connu un très grand succès! Presque toutes ses pièces ont quasi été vendues.
Que dire , sinon que nous en sommes très contents pour elle...

Je vous attends tous à Aix en Provence, donc, dans les prochains jours.

- ringrazio, come sempre Katia Zaccaria, per la traduzione in inglese.

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