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martedì 7 settembre 2010

Projects and projects !

--- Here you have a small teasing of the next news for the Venusdea Label ! ---

Milky©Lilidoll/Venusdea/Mc Productions

MILKY by Lilidoll.
A book expected for the beginning of 2011.
I think the images are self-explanatory!
Marion Girerd style (aka Lilidoll) is now well know as one of the most creative and unique in this last decades.
Some more patience to admire her vampire huntress!

© Lostfish

The first Art Book by Lostfish, entitled "Nebulae".
LostFish is an LowBrow Art Artist and the many exhibitions across Europe in very few years are showing her success.
So, it's an honour to be the one who publishes this project, in fact.

Sabine©Mihindou/Venusdea/Mc Productions

On the other hand, a book that you can find very soon in your favourite book shops: already starting from the end of November !
The title is "
SABINE" and her author is the talented Maya Mihindou.
The story is about the magnificent oniric and initiatic trip of Blanca, who dreams of becoming a mermaid someday, guided by the memories of a wise her grand mother.

Both for MILKY and SABINE, you will have the luck to admire the figurine/Art Toyz too. But it's too soon to disclose them...

© Ciou

✖ And...
On the September 9th , for those in Rome ( Italy) at the Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, don't miss the beautiful Exhibition - " Rebirth " by Ciou !

Ciou, the author of the marvellous book "Chat Siamois", will wait for you on the September 9th to sign the books directly at the gallery.
Here some of her beautiful works.... don't miss this chance in the great Italian capital city!

I hope I tickled your curiosity for the next issues of this label!

------ See you soon! ------

6 commenti:

Hide ò.ó ha detto...

i like all your works...
you are fantastic artist :D

Fanny ha detto...

MILKYYYY !!! ça m'intrigue beaucoup, hâte d'en voir plus !

Line Illustrations ha detto...

Chouettes news du label Venusdea, décidément il n'ya que de belles choses et de merveilleux artistes ^^
Coup de coeur spécial pour le lapin de Lilidoll *o*

elfie ha detto...

De magnifiques choses à venir, merci de nous faire partager ces beaux projets.

Ours ha detto...

teasing is the right word : it looks great !

°Oo Rose Citron oO° ha detto...

De quoi attaquer les mois à venir plein d'enthousiasme !!

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